Mortgages for over 60s

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Why choose Mortgages for Pensioners?


We have advisers you can trust

Here at Mortgages for Pensioners we’re totally impartial and focus on finding the perfect mortgage to suit you.

We search the market for the best deals

We search thousands of mortgages to find the right one for you.


We take away the hassle

Lenders need to be sure that you can keep up with your payments for the duration of the mortgage. This means that offering you a mortgage could be riskier if you’re a pensioner and have a lower income.


We work to your schedule

At Mortgages for Pensioners we deal with lenders on your behalf, so everything from paperwork to negotiation is stress-free.

Get your mortgage sorted in 4 hassle free steps

Instant quotes

Answer a few simple questions & discover how much you could borrow or save in 60 seconds.

Your perfect deal

Our Mortgage Advisers learns more about you, compares every lender & find your perfect deal.

Expert advice

Chat with a friendly member of the Mortgages for Pensioners team to confirm & finalise everything.

Your mortgage sorted

We submit your application, handle all the hard work and keep you updated until your mortgage completes.

Mortgages for Over 70s

If you are over age 70 and looking to mortgage or remortgage then this is the place for you.

Mortgages for Over 65s

Here at Mortgages for Pensioners we specialise in finding the right mortgage for those over 65.

Lifetime Mortgages

With Lifetime Mortgage rates as low as 2.32% fixed for life there has never been a better time to look at this option.

Ready for Advice

If you are ready for advice then one of our specialist advisers will call you back to discuss your options. There is absolutely No-Obligation